Administrative Law, Public Policy,
and Government Affairs

Positive Results​

Our legal advice is always strategic.​

EDGE’s administrative law team of seasoned professionals provides clients the best legal advice, strategy, case management, and positive results. Every case is managed with a goal to win and a plan to create the most favorable record for appeal, if needed. Our team takes great pride in this crucial aspect of the litigation process. Our success in trial practice and in appeal derives not only from our expertise and hard work but from the careful planning, preparation, and constant communication with our clients.

Strategic Initiatives

Experts in Local and Federal Governments

We assess clients’ needs and achieve the best possible and cost-efficient solution through responsible and aggressive negotiation as well as the representation through arbitration or litigation in state or federal court as needed.

EDGE’s public policy and government affairs practice group serves local and international financial institutions, insurance carriers, health services companies, intelligent transportation services, security and scanning industries as well as municipal governments before the executive, legislative and judicial branches of both local and federal governments.

Our team’s previous experience has led to a great level of recognition within the legislative and executive branches of the Commonwealth, this advantage is used to our clients’ benefit in the development of strategic initiatives which raise their leverage with key stakeholders. We provide advocacy services to secure the passage or defeat of legislation of applicable regulations to our clients’ favor. Our attorneys and consultants work closely with other representatives or associations to ensure our client’s policy positions are given strong and weighed consideration.

Due to constant change in the legal spectrum, our public policy team is on the lookout to help clients identify and monitor legislation that could impact their core business or interests in Puerto Rico and provide regular and timely reporting of legislative and regulatory developments and media relations support. When dealing with public policy and government affairs; we have the EDGE.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”

Baron de Montesquieu

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Our goal is to provide swift, savvy, and comprehensive legal solutions that will be key to your successful endeavors.

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Our goal is to provide swift, savvy, and comprehensive legal solutions that will be key to your successful endeavors.

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